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Charlottesville Late Night Food

Traditionally, the only restaurants that were open late night were fast food joints. But, times have changed. Now, many more restaurants are keeping later hours for the night-owl crowd. This is especially true in the booming foodie haven of Charlottesville. Here are the places for late night food with a little C-ville flair and flavor.

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John Paul Jones Arena

John Paul Jones Arena, with its quirky namesake and reputation as the biggest venue in Virginia, hosts UVA basketball games and the most exiting live music and events in Charlottesville.

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Hotels Near John Paul Jones Arena

Hotels Near John Paul Jones Arena If you're driving from out of town to see a show, or you're a UVA student, and your family is visiting to see the big game or concert at JPJ, you're probably wondering about hotels in the area. Here's a list of...

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