Tim for The Charlottesville Guide Vlogs

Now Presenting… The Charlottesville Guide Vlogs! First in the Series – Breweries!

The web team here at The Charlottesville Guide has been concocting some exciting plans over the past few months. Or, you could say we’ve been brewing some exciting ideas and filtering out the ones that were a little too crazy. We’ve been hopping around town to bring this project to fruition.

Did we have too much time to think about groan-worthy beer puns? Probably. You’ll understand why if you keep reading. Anyway, we are so glad to finally share with you…

The Charlottesville Guide Vlogs!

The Charlottesville Guide has been running strong since 1985, serving as a comprehensive index of all the businesses and establishments in Charlottesville. However, earlier this year, we realized if we wanted to give our readers a true sense of this city, we should focus on more than just a list of hours, pricing, and parking. We want to create an immersive online experience of the sights, sounds, ambiance, and interactions you’ll have when visiting the town.

What better way to share personable, slice-of-life experiences from different locations than through YouTube videos? So, our correspondent, Tim Mills, has been interviewing business owners and members of the community so that we can bring you The Charlottesville Guide Vlogs.

We plan to bring you a new vlog every Thursday. Look for updates on our blog.

The Best Breweries and Beer in Charlottesville

Our plan is to release series of videos based on different niches of Charlottesville’s community. In these long, muggy summer days that have you longing to crack open a cold one, and with the World Cup underway, why not make our flagship video series about Charlottesville Beer?

OK, that’s the end of the beer puns- promise.

In this series, we followed Tim around to these local breweries:

Draft Taproom
Vlog’s Up! Check It Out!

Beer Run
Vlog’s Up! Check It Out!

World of Beer
Vlog’s Up! Check It Out!

South Street Brewery
Vlog’s Up! Check It Out!

Hardywood Pilot Brewery & Taproom
Vlog’s Up! Check it Out!

Random Row Brewery
Vlog’s Up! Check it Out! 

Three Notch’d Brewing Company
Vlog’s Up! Check it Out!

Renewal Restaurant
Vlog’s Up! Check it Out! 

The first vlog will come out next Thursday, July 5th, and feature Draft Taproom.

Have Any Suggestions?

If you have any ideas for topics you want to see us cover in upcoming video series, reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are affiliated with in a business in Charlottesville and are interested in having the spotlight in one of our videos, contact Tim Mills at tmills@cjp.com.