After dining and chatting with the welcoming staff, we explored the tavern’s connected gift shop. Providing anything from small trinkets to Colonial and Victorian currency, the gift shop supplies memorable souvenirs for any tourist or history buff. If you loved your meal at the tavern, you can purchase an eighteenth century cookbook to recreate the delicious Southern cooking.

Despite the peaceful afternoon on the mountain, we encountered a variety of activity at Michie Tavern. Because this historical landmark offers full tours, we could hear visitors bustling upstairs, as if we experienced the tavern in its original eighteenth century lodging period.

The General Store and Metal Smith Shop differ from the tavern, as they carry traditional Southern home décor and local food products. However, the General Store also displays Colonial and Civil War fashion, providing a joint museum experience and modern mom and pop-style store. This small community of shops alongside Michie Tavern, combined with a day at Monticello, guarantees visitors an exceptional past-to-present adventure. For more information on Michie Tavern, visit their website HERE.