With a variety of tour options, visitors are sure to find plenty of interesting material to explore at Monticello. Choose to spend around thirty minutes touring the first floor of Monticello or take additional time for extended tours, like the Slavery at Monticello and Garden and Grounds Tours. The Monticello Day Pass tour offers all three of these tours daily and year-round. This is a great opportunity for guests to learn about the architectural and exterior details of Monticello, as well as the manpower necessary to keep the plantation running. For guests with small children, the Family Friendly Tour and Day Pass is a great way for adults and children to experience hands-on learning.

Looking for a more detailed tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello? The Behind the Scenes House Tour and Day Pass offers an exclusive pass that takes guests through the first floor of Monticello and up the narrow staircase to explore the private quarters on the second and third floors. The tour even includes the iconic Dome Room and newly restored spaces that reveal the complexities of family life at Monticello. The Behind the Scenes House Tour and Day Pass is offered six times a day throughout the year. Be sure to reserve tickets online in advance!

Monticello offers optional tours that allow visitors to further understand Jefferson’s role as President of the United States and Enlightenment scholar. The Gardens and Grounds Tours invites visitors to explore Jefferson’s lifelong interest in gardening, botany, and agriculture. The tour also boasts the beauty and variety of Monticello’s restored flower and vegetable gardens, grove, and orchards. This 45-minuet walking tour includes the exact path Jefferson walked every morning, creating a feeling of authenticity and relying stories of life at Monticello. The Slavery at Monticello Tour is another optional tour offered at Monticello. Starting on Mulberry Row, the guided tour highlights enslaved people’s experiences at Monticello, including their daily life and labor.

For visitors looking to learn more about the role of slavery at Monticello, The Hemings Family Tour offers additional insight. After decades of documentary research, archaeological analysis and oral histories of Hemings descendants, historians pieced together narratives on the enslaved family’s life across more than three generations. The small-group tour includes both the Main House and Mulberry Row. Guests will learn how the Hemingses, namely Sally Hemings, straddled the color line and defied the stark racial dividing lines imposed by slavery.

Monticello also includes additional seasonal tours and activities. This breathtaking historic site provides history buffs and tourists alike with a memorable live experience. From the Charlottesville area? Monticello graciously grants locals free access when bringing a paying adult guest!

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