The Peach Orchards at The Market and Grelen

Since Mother Nature granted Charlottesville a brief respite from the toaster-like weather over the weekend, I knew I had to get out and do something outdoorsy. Plus, I’ve been meaning to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into my diet, and I thought this would be a fun way to do that. So, my roommates and I headed to The Market at Grelen and took a stroll to the charming Pick Your Own Peaches orchard.

A Peach of a Place

After a calming drive through forests and farmland, we arrived at The Market at Grelen. Our parking spot was right next to the famous LOVE sign. Behind the sign was a rolling hill lined with shrubs and pastel flowers.



But, we weren’t there just to look at the scenery. I needed produce, and I wasn’t going to leave without it.

We fetched a basket from the Garden Shop’s doorstep, headed down the hill, past the nurseries, and into the peach orchard. The rows of peach trees stretched into the hazy silhouettes of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.  

We picked a dozen Desiree peaches. That’s the ripest variety in the orchards right now. (Check here to see what’s ripe when you visit.) Word of advice – pick a few ripe-and-juicy peaches to eat right away, then choose firmer ones to ripen in your kitchen and have for later. My roommates and I made the mistake of picking the biggest, juiciest peaches we could find. We had to eat a lot of peaches over the weekend.

More to Explore…

We arrived around 3pm, and Pick Your Own hours end on 4pm. So, we had to hurry to finish the quest for the tastiest drupes in the land and abscond with them before anybody noticed. (Just kidding, I checked them out at the Garden Shop- they cost $3.05 for a dozen, which is a pretty good deal.) Anyway, I’d like to head back soon to do all the things I missed on this visit. I could make a day out of it the next time my parents visit.

First of all, The Market at Grelen also offers Pick Your Own apples, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, depending on the season. I’ll have to grab some of those to see if they’re as tasty as the peaches.

Secondly, I’d like to switch up my usual, boring treadmill routine and jog around the Grelen Trails. The beautiful scenery might make exercise a little more bearable.

Also, as a long-time vegetarian, I was excited to see their Café had plenty of options for me! I’ll have to plan to visit for a lunch or a picnic with friends one day.

Find hours, location, and contact information here. Head to our previous blog post to learn more about the activities, events, food, wine, shopping, and general lovely atmosphere Grelen has to offer.