Resources for Charlottesville Apartment Hunting

Are you looking for an apartment in Charlottesville? Odds are, you’re having trouble deciding where to start; the many rental companies, listing sites, and review sites can be quite confusing. Luckily, we have you covered with our Resources for Charlottesville Apartment Hunting! Here’s a complete list of management companies and other resources if you’re in need of a new place to rent. So, start looking for a great apartment!

Management Companies

University Apartments – U-Apts focuses on UVA students. While they have a smaller number of properties, they’re all well-maintained and close to grounds.

Real Property Management – RPI has properties all across Charlottesville, offering student housing and more upscale living as well.

MSC –  MSC is another company that just deals with UVA housing. This company has a very large selection of student housing that vary in size, distance from grounds, and price.

Nest Property Management – Nest covers an area that stretches from Crozet to Lovingston to Charlottesville. They offer both sale and rental options on a variety of properties, including student housing as well as single-family houses.

Braden Property – Braden Property Management has many in-demand options to rent an apartment or purchase a home. They offer some of the highest-quality apartments in all of Charlottesville.

CBS Rentals – CBS is an upscale student living company, with options that are both high-quality and extremely close to grounds. They tend to offer slightly pricier options, but the apartments are likely worth it.

Neighborhood Properties – For Neighborhood Properties, University students are a smaller part of their business. They have Charlottesville well covered, offering tons of rentals for both apartments and homes.

Blue Ridge Apartment Council – BRAC is perhaps the best apartment database in Charlottesville, listing 100’s of apartments within the city. While not a rental company themselves, the Council is a helpful place to start looking for your next apartment.

Apartment Review Sites