Yet again, our correspondent, Tim Mills, headed to a local brewery for the next chapter of The Charlottesville Guide Vlogs. Come along with Tim as he visits Three Notch’d Brewing Company and chats with Dave Warwick, the Founding Brewmaster at Three Notch’d, and learns the inspiring stories behind their brews.

Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Three Notch’d just celebrated the five year anniversary off three friends, George Kastendike, Scott Roth, and Derek Naughton opening its doors. The three friends, with backgrounds in business, engineering, and the service industry, joined their forces and love of craft-brewing to bring the concept of Three Notch’d into fruition.

The company has three locations- the Craft Kitchen & Brewery, the RVA Collab House, and the Valley Collab House. We visited the Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery location, which you’ll find in the IX Art Park. Turn onto 2nd Street SE from Monticello Ave, swing around to the back of the Art Park. You’ll find three rows of free parking. The cavernous main dining room gives off a half industrial, half medieval-great-hall-esque vibe. They’ve also got plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, a Kids Zone, private event space, a spacious three-sided bar, as well as indoor an outdoor bar.

The Selection – Telling the Story of Three Notch’d Road and Jack Jouett’s Ride

Dave told us, “We love telling the story of Charlottesville and the rest of Virginia through beer. I’ve always said that beer is world history. When you drink a Coche, that tells you about Cologne, Germany. You drink a Pilsner and it tells you the about the history of Pilsen, Czech Republic.”

So, Three Notch’d tells the legend of Captain Jack Jouett’s midnight ride, as Dave puts it, “kind of our own version of Paul Revere.” Captain Jouett raced down 40 miles of the historical Three Notch’d Road to warn Thomas Jefferson and a group of founding fathers, hunkered down in Monticello, about incoming British cavalry intent on capturing the lot of them.

Three Notch’d Road ran from Richmond to Charlottesville in times of old. Three notches hacked into trees along the way served as road markers. Jack Jouett left his mark on history, like the notches marking the road.

Additionally, they brew some ciders for lovers of those fruity notes. They offer craft sodas for those who prefer non-alcoholic options, as well. Furthermore, you can check their current draft menu here.

Tim’s Tasting Experience

Dave gave Tim a sample of Three Notch’d’s flagship 40 Mile IPA. Of course, “40 Mile” is a reference to Jack Jouett’s ride. Dave put his heart and soul into designing this brew, making sure it stood out from the rest of the great brewed-in-Charlottesville IPAs. His 40 Mile IPA is low on the bitterness scale, bringing out its fruity flavor.

Tim then got to taste 65 Roses, a brew named after an inspiring young man with cystic fibrosis. Every pint of 65 Roses sold raises money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The brew Firefly Nights also has a heartwarming story behind its design. Dave tells us that his childhood memories of catching lightning bugs on summer nights the Eastern Shore of Maryland inspired this honeysuckle ale.

Our filming crew happened to visit on the day Dave was releasing his Watermelon Gose- the summer brew in his seasonal Gose series. Tim liked that the Watermelon Gose didn’t have as much front-end tartness as a traditional sour, but instead had a lovely fullness to its taste.

The Menu

Patrick Carroll, Three Notch’d’s Executive Chef, explains that his kitchen aims to source local and seasonal ingredients. Also, they constantly rotate their menu to make sure it pairs perfectly with the current beer offerings.

He then treated us to a few of his signature creations, such as his watermelon salad with sriracha vinaigrette (which is surprisingly satisfying and scrumptious), and his Old Smokey Burger, made with meat from Seven Hills Food in Orange County.

Although many breweries in Charlottesville, like World of Beer and Hardywood, offer the traditional huge soft pretzel as part of their pub-grub, Patrick made sure to put a unique spin on his in-house pretzel bites. He serves them with 40-Mile-IPA-infused cheese sauce and Hydraulion whole grain mustard.

Make sure to check out Three Notch’d’s website for happy hour times, kid’s meals deals, brunch hours, axe throwing events, their Tap That Thursday tradition, and more.

Planning a visit to Draft Taproom? Head here for location, hours, and contact information.

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