October 2019

The 32nd Annual Virginia Film Festival will take place October 23-27, 2019 at venues throughout the UVA Grounds, in downtown Charlottesville, and at select venues throughout the city. We caught up with John Kelly, head of communications for the festival, to get the lowdown on what we can expect this year. Give us the big picture on the lineup for 2019. The

The Rivanna Trail is Exhibit A that Cville is as cool as its hype.  Born over 30 years ago, today the trail remains as essential as it is magical, 20 miles of city-encircling, urban-escaping, recreation path that rivals the best in America.  Download the Rivanna Trail App or view the trail here: http://rivannatrails.org/page-952656 On October 26  the 16th Annual Loop de Ville

It’s fall, the leaves are turning, and there’s orange everywhere- orange and blue, that is. It’s Football season, and while there are some big changes happening around Scott Stadium (like the new alcohol policy) there are some things that never change. Drinks may be available inside, student fashion might be evolving, and Bronco might be coaching a winning team, but


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