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is dedicated to telling stories of the people, places and things that make this college town one in a million.

We try to do it in a way that helps visitors find their way to great experiences.

Our site includes over 600 pages of interesting people, places and things in Charlottesville, and over 100,000 people annually do their homework here in anticipation of their next adventure here.

In the beginning…

Charlottesville Guide was founded in 1984 by two UVA 4th Years, Bill Carden & Joe Jennings. In this early era, the dynamic duo flirted with the desktop publishing revolution between politics and history classes. Over time they built an indispensable guide to Charlottesville, full of iconic restaurants, shops, characters, music venues and first steps.

Today …

Charlottesville Guide serves the visitor like an honored guest. There’s no place like home, and we’re eager to show it to you. But you have limited time! And too many options. You’re not sure where you are, and you don’t always have the full story.

Charlottesville Guide is  created by a team of experienced Charlottesvillians, some UVA graduates, others not. All local  — writers, photographers, artists, techies and designers — we collectively identify what’s most meritorious and assemble it into a coherent mosaic, at once both comprehensible and compelling. When we do our job right, you have a wonderful time!

Serving the Charlottesville Community for Decades

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