Best Brunch in Charlottesville

Women enjoying brunch on a Sunday morning in Charlottesville, Virginia

Updated October 1, 2023 — Charlottesville has an all-star cast of breakfast and brunch venues perfect for continuing last night’s celebration. From rough-and-tumble to refined, here are six recommendations sure to rekindle your spirits and restore you along the road to recovery. 

1. Blue Moon Diner

Open and welcoming on the same spot on West Main where it has served sojourners for two decades, Blue Moon is a hippy greasy-spoon with a hip vinyl collection. Enjoy all-day breakfast, homestyle lunch and dinner dishes, sweets, drinks and weekend brunch specials. The vibe is artsy and the menu is satisfying– this is an iconic Cville spot.


606 West Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22903


2. Guajiros

If you’re craving a little Cuban spice, we recommend Guajiros for a zesty and casual brunch get-together. Hovering over the train tracks beside Drewary Brown Bridge on West Main Street, Guajiros is a worthy successor to the hallowed space of several extinct hot spots (who remembers The Cotton Exchange or L’etoile?).  A compact entry places you at the “Miami” coffee bar where you place your order from a menu of a dozen plus breakfast and lunch items. The breakfast bowl or breakfast tacos exotically deliver nutrition and taste. Absolutely order the fried plantains that melt in your mouth like Bananas Foster, and top it off with a cafe con leche or sparkling wine. You can enjoy these in several intimate rooms, upstairs or down, with views onto Cville’s railroad tradition. Afterward, we bet you’ll be game for a siesta.


817 West Main Street, Charlottesville, Va. 22903


3. Tip Top Restaurant

Up on Pantops you’ll find one of Charlottesville’s most popular restaurants, the Tip Top. Serving breakfast all day, as well as a broad menu with Greek inspiration, this is as close to an old-school, orange-roofed Howard Johnson’s dining experience as you’ll find anywhere. Recently transitioned from famed restauranteur, Terry Valassos to John “the Crazy Greek” Alexandropoulos, Tip Top promises to remain frequently bustling and always satisfying.


1420 Richmond Road, Charlottesville, Va. 22911


4. The Nook

Bustling indoors and out on the Downtown Mall and locally understood to be one of John Gresham’s favorites, The Nook has been tightening-up the hungry and hung-over in Charlottesville for over three generations. The Nook’s menu is loaded with comfort food and American classics, and indoors you will view a fascinating portrait-history of “The Hook.” You always receive service with a smile here as you begin your road to recovery as you enjoy the breakfast you remember from home.


415 East Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902

View The Nook’s Menu


5. First Watch

First Watch is what sailors have when they’re in the crow’s nest. And we recommend First Watch for civilians too when what you crave is deliciousness, variety, and speedy service. This restaurant became instantly successful when it opened in Barracks Road Shopping Center in 2019. Centrally located, convenient parking, and a breakfast experience that will satisfy you and your group 100% of the time, First Watch is a great Charlottesville way to start your day.

View First Watch’s Menu Here


333 West Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22903


6. The Ridley

In Washington, D.C. brunching in local hotels is a favorite pastime, so why not in Charlottesville too? To elevate your brunch gathering, head to The Ridley on West Main. Named for The University’s first African-American graduate, The Ridley is the in-house restaurant of the swank Draftsman Hotel and now offers overnight guests as well as locals a convenient and sophisticated place to meet. On balmy days you can sit street-side for some of Charlottesville’s best people watching. The Ridley is owned and managed by Thompson Hospitality, a restaurant group also with alumni ties to UVA. Their brunch offering consists of classics like Eggs Benedict and Omelets and Shrimp ‘n Grits, served with creamy southern-style. But the pious need not fear, a yogurt parfait or several salad choices are available to soothe and nurture!

View The Ridley’s Menu Here. 


333 West Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22903



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