The UVA Corner Food Tour group

The UVA Corner Food Tour launches in Charlottesville

The UVA Corner Food Tour launched this summer to offer entertaining, and delicious tours of popular restaurants on the UVA Corner. The tour was created by, a subsidiary of longtime visitor service, Charlottesville Guide. 

The timing of the tour is perfect, as Charlottesville continues to swoon over Food & Wine’s recent citation of it as a top foodie market. With its concentration of diverse eateries, the UVA Corner Food Tour shows off some of what’s best.

Led by local experts, the tours are both tasty and full of local history closely tied to the University. The tours occur on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2-5pm along a half-mile circuit. Each tour visits 5 restaurants from among a diverse list of classic “Corner” eateries, including:


Bodo’s Bagels – world-famous and not found anywhere but Charlottesville

Marco & Luca – Dumplings – unique, original and only found here

Take It Away – a student favorite since the early ‘90s

Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar – seeing is believing and music is in the air

The White Spot – Cville’s 2nd oldest restaurant and home of The Gus Burger

Poké – first-wave of an Hawaiian sensation

Moge Tee – first wave of a Chinese sensation

Thyme & Company – an authentic transfer fresh Lebanese ingredients and TLC

Asado – wings & sauces unlike anywhere else


Tour guests are presented with a selection of each restaurant’s signature dishes in a “small plate” format. Each visit learns the story of the restaurant, its founders and its cuisine. Guests learn how each restaurant rose through the trendy currents of food culture to become a UVA Corner favorite.

Along the way, the guide describes landmarks of interesting historical and cultural significance, including how Elliewood Avenue got its name, the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers, the 14th Street Bridge “crush,” and the Rita Dove/David Guinn poem and mural.

“The UVA Corner Food Tour immerses visitors into the culinary world of the UVA student,” says tour founder Rob Jiranek. “It’s an exciting new way to experience the energy and diversity of a dynamic university community.”

Tours cost $75 per person and may be booked here.


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