Things to Do

One of the best things about living in or visiting the city of Charlottesville is the sheer number of experiences you can have here that are unique and different; it's no mystery why so many people love this city. There is such richness in Charlottesville's diverse dining and shopping offerings, and when it comes to signature things to do, Charlottesville

If you're driving from out of town to see a show, or you're a UVA student, and your family is visiting to see the big game or concert at JPJ, you're probably wondering about hotels in the area. Here's a list of Charlottesville's top hotels near John Paul Jones Arena. We'll help you chose the most comfortable, convenient lodging options.

Covid-19 Shutdown offers an opportunity for wine tasting and touring from home. Charlottesville is wine country. Even though visiting your favorite vineyards will have to wait until after the coronavirus is beaten back, there’s no reason you can’t experience some of this season’s batch of wines- from the comfort of home. Read on for a who’s-who of virtual winetastings.  Keswick Vineyards


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