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The Guide chats with Mighty Joshua, VA's 2-year running Reggae Ambassador, who's kicking off his tour TOMORROW, September 7 with Love Canon at the Sprint Pavilion in a beautiful mashup benefiting The Front Porch. On Mighty Joshua's last visit to Charlottesville:The last time that I came to Charlottesville, I stopped on my way back from playing Floyd Yoga Jam to visit

Sometimes, there’s too much on the schedule to make it out of town for a proper winery day, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Here’s our top 5 guide to tasting something great in town, without leaving the city limits.  Wineworks Extended by Michael Shaps This wine bar is a totally different way to experience wine. Shaps’ main Virginia

It’s early, ish, the morning swelling up from that infamous cobblestone and waking the town as it rises. Call it eight-thirty; or nine; if you’re at one of the several hotels clustered downtown between the University and the Mall, you’re within striking distance. Wash your face. Cover yourself in summer -- the strappy sundress, the linen shorts. Walking shoes. Sunglasses.

Editor's Note: This year's Midsummers weekend is officially, err unofficially, July 15-16. You are invited to keep it off the radar.Ah, Midsummers- the Easter’s of the post-80’s classes. A time for reunion, discovery, and some good-hearted debauchery, when the convenient parking spaces are all suddenly filled, and the corner bars come to life once again. Whether you’re an incoming first