Bald Top Brewing

Bald Top Brewing Co. is a destination farm brewery in Madison, VA.  Their nano-brewery specializes in crafting unique, delicious beers in a variety of styles and flavors located in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The tap barn overlooks acres of rolling pastures and houses live music and a rotating roster of food trucks every weekend.

The Creation of Bald Top Brewing Co.

In addition to each other, owners Julie and Dave love Virginia history, the rolling hills of the piedmont and its diverse nature, and entertaining with great wine and beer. Since moving to Woodbourne, Julie and Dave hosted friends and family from all over the world, and with each visit, our guests would rave about the unique beauty of the historic farm and surrounding pasture.  After considering several agritourism options for the farm, they happened upon the incredibly talented German-American home brewer Michael Nicholson.  Dave and Mike shared an intense love of beer and homebrewing, and began to work together on ideas: exploring everything from hops plant varieties to recipes with the farm’s rich “garden goodies.”  As the months passed, the idea of opening Virginia’s First Historic Farm Brewery took shape. Dave and Julie relied on their science and engineering backgrounds to construct Central Virginia’s largest private hops yard, where they are continuing to test and monitor the viability of several hops varieties, in concert with Virginia State University. The hillside Tap Barn seemed the perfect place to drink the magical elixir of Bald Top: overlooking the rolling hills and hops yard with its 25 foot telephone poles towering skyward – and now lovingly referred to as “Hop Henge.”


Contact info

1830 Thrift Rd, Madison, VA 22727, USA

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