Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Located in the garden spot of Barracks Road Shopping Center, Ben & Jerry’s sustains the old-school hippie appeal and avails euphoric ice cream flavors in the way the first scoops were served up by Ben and Jerry themselves. They also make excellent ice cream cakes!

Owned and operated by Ben & Jerry’s disciple, Doug Baresse — the guy with the massive beard in tie-dye — this shop takes its community activism very seriously. Since 2009, they have donated over 5,000 scoops of ice cream directly to community non-profit organizations to support fundraising efforts. And Doug welcomes to meet with him to talk about how Ben & Jerry”s can help your Charlottesville, Virginia area-based organization as well!


Have a group tailgate coming up? Reception nearby? Birthday party? Wedding? Don’t be bored with the same old same old taco bar or tired sheet cake? These guys will show up and serve your favorite flavors in cups, cones, and sundaes to turn your next gathering into an ice cream extravaganza. They show up and do it all



Contact info

1112 Emmet Street Charlottesville, VA 22903