Located inside The Forum Hotel, a place known for its lavish ambiance, a remarkable dining destination named Birch and Bloom awaits in Charlottesville. The surroundings exude opulence, with high ceilings and gleaming marble floors setting the tone. The delicate clinking of china and glassware envelops you, signaling the start of a new and refined dining journey.

At its core, Birch and Bloom is a diverse culinary haven, positioning itself primarily as a steakhouse while embracing the essence of fine dining. This resonates deeply with its core audience: those who thrive in dynamic environments, where perfectly grilled steaks and chops are essential for their endeavors. However, the menu doesn’t stop there—alternatives like oysters, duck, and crispy salmon offer delightful choices. Complementing these dishes are craft cocktails and an extensive array of wines. Since its opening in the Spring of 2023, Birch & Bloom has quickly risen to prominence among Charlottesville’s premier venues for sophisticated dining. The experience it offers is unparalleled, set in an atmosphere of luxury that is captivating. Its reputation speaks for itself, appealing to those who appreciate excellence and refinement.

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540 Massie Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903

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