The Greenberry’s Coffee Shop in Barracks Road Shopping Center is a great place to fuel up in the morning, relax at lunch or after work, and grab a quick bite in a cozy environment. It’s one of Charlottesville’s best “meet-up” places.

In addition to their traditional coffee drinks, Greenberry’s makes in-house breakfast burritos and sandwiches, lunch offerings, coffee shakes, and smoothies. If you’re looking for a familiar coffeehouse that still strays from the beaten path, Greenberry’s is your place.

Founded by in 1992 by local duo Sean and Roxanne Simmons, Greenberry’s has numerous outlets in Charlottesville and beyond and has expanded to Japan and the Middle East. Their reputation for high quality and exquisite taste in everything they do wafts like the aroma of fresh, delicious coffee in the morning!

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Parking: Parking for Greenberry’s at Barracks Road Shopping Center is available in the shopping center’s many parking lots, including right in front of the store.

Maybe have Greenberry’s delivered to your home? Greenberry’s has an awesome online store here.


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1049 Emmet St N Charlottesville, VA 22903

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