2nd Act Books is on the historic Charlottesville downtown mall, across from the Paramount Theater, at the location of the former Read it Again, Sam. They carry the same categories of second-hand books that previous owner Dave Taylor stocked, although their specialty is a large children’s and YA section. For those familiar with Dave’s store, you will be glad to see some familiar faces. Michael McGee, actor, and teacher, is here to help with all genres. If you’ve been visiting for more than a decade, you’ll see that Michele Allen (with ten years’ experience in the book business) has returned.

Then there’s the new owner, Daphne Spain. This store is her second act. Daphne taught in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia for thirty years before retiring in 2016. While still teaching, she volunteered to dust books at Read it Again, Sam. And look where it got her!

Interested in donating books or getting book credit?

If you are seeking credit, we accept two tote bags or two small boxes at a time. We are interested in mysteries, children’s books, fiction, history, and non-fiction of all types

We are NOT interested in:

Former library books, cracked spine books, travel (beyond five years old), hardbacks without dustjackets, underlined or highlighted books, diet books, self-help books, partisan politics, water-damaged books, romance novels, and books on business, computers, or finance.

If you need help delivering books, pull up to the loading zone on 3rd St. off Water St., put on your flashers, and call us at the number below so we can come out with a dolly. Weekdays after 2:00 PM are best unless other plans have been made.


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214 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

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