How to Virtually Attend this year’s Virginia Film Festival

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Here’s what you need to know to enjoy this year’s Virginia Film Festival

We know; you’re a cinephile and you had your heart set on attending this year’s Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville.. But, for the first time in its storied history, due to the current pandemic, the 33rd Annual Virginia Film Festival will shift to a virtual format this year. We did the legwork for you and here’s what you need to know to enjoy the 5-day festival, scheduled October 21-25, from the comfort of your own home. The complete online offerings will be released on October 8, so we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments. 

Purchase a Virtual All-Access Pass
All-Access Passes to the virtual program are currently on sale for $65, students pay $20 bucks less. It’s also possible to buy individual tickets to the virtual program events for $8. Those tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, October 21, the first day of the festival. Mark your calendar: on October 8, the festival will release its entire program for you to browse and make your movie watching plans. Starting on October 21, you can unlock, or reserve your individual access to, the events you would like to stream. But before any of that happens:

Create an Eventive account
In order to purchase passes, tickets and stream films, you’ll need to set up an Eventive account here. Once you do that, and you have your pass, it does not automatically mean you now have access to the 50 or so films, documentaries, events, and panel discussions accessible with the All-Access pass. After you have purchased your pass, (or individual ticket), pass holders can sign into their Eventive account and unlock, or reserve, the events they would like to see. The unlock window for pass holders begins at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, October 21st. It’s best to come prepared; that’s why it’s important to start browsing the complete online program, which will be released on Thursday October 8.

What can’t you see with the Virtual All-Access Pass?
There are a few events that fall outside the scope of the all-access pass. A small number of special presentations will have a unique ticketing process. A complete list of these events will also be available on the festival’s website starting on October 8.

In addition to the virtual program, the Festival will be screening movies at two Drive-In Movie locations: the Dairy Market in Charlottesville and Morven Farm in Albemarle County. Each venue will host one drive-in screening each night of the festival. And you guessed it; tickets for these events go on sale Thursday October 8, and the list of screenings will be available then as well.

There will be some screenings that have a limited number of ‘unlocks,’ or views. So you technically have access with your all-access pass, except the number of folks attending is limited. (That’s another way of saying; be quick when you unlock these events. First come, first served.) 

Lastly, some screenings come with geographic restrictions. It means that they are limited to audiences in the United States, or limited to movie watchers in the Commonwealth of Virginia only. Complete lists of all these films and events that have restrictions, and how to view them, are expected to be posted on the festival’s website soon. 

Important dates:

-Virtual All-Access Passes are currently on sale on the Virginia Film Festival website
-The complete online program will be available starting Thursday, October 8. (Start browsing then!)
-Screenings that have restrictions will be posted on Thursday, October 8, and tickets will be available for purchase.
-Tickets to special events or drive-in screenings will go on sale on Thursday, October 8.
-Starting October 21st, at 10 a.m. you can unlock the events you would like to see.     

The Charlottesville Guide will link you to the virtual program once its released, or visit the Virginia Film Festival’s website for up-to-date information or to purchase your all-access pass. 

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