Citizen believes there are certain basic freedoms we hold dear. For one, the enjoyment of a great burger and a beer with friends. This is America, after all… a delicious burger is your right – perhaps even your responsibility.

Citizen Burger Bar has teamed up with a few nearby farms to keep it simple. No hormones, nothing artificial – we’re talking happy grass-fed cows and free-range chickens here. And while they’re proud of the menu, the bar is no slouch either… The wise and benevolent bar staff can recommend the perfect libation to complement your meal or your mood – just ask ‘em.

The vision is anything but complicated: good food, cold drinks, and common ground. This is the people’s burger bar.

Located in a lively area of the Downtown Mall, Citizen Burger Bar is the place to enjoy delicious burgers along with a variety of beers. Considering the big-screen TVs throughout the restaurant, this burger joint is also the perfect spot to cheer on your favorite sports team. The unique ambiance of an old building with high ceilings and outdoor patio seating makes Citizen Burger Bar a fun choice for a meal out.

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