About the Downtown Mall

Since 1974, the Charlottesville Downtown Mall provides a historic experience coupled with a thriving city center. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the limitless possibilities of restaurants and shops. Still today, the outdoor mall strip provides live theater, music and cinema. Because Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe once walked these eight blocks of brick and tree-lined streets, the Historic Downtown Mall offers a timeless experience.

Looking for an urban center amongst small-town Charlottesville establishments? The Downtown Mall provides a plethora of trendy destinations, including a half-dozen art galleries, nightclubs, and multiple venues for live music. With chic clothing stores, such as Derriere De Soie, the Downtown Mall provides convenient shopping after a day touring other Charlottesville sites. Interested in getting a sneak peak? Check out the Charlottesville Guide’s blog on Derriere De Soie HERE! For hungry visitors, the shopping strip, coined the “Community Living Room,” also has over thirty restaurants. Eateries, such as Sal’s Caffe Italia & Pizza, provide delicious and casual meals for lunch and dinner.

With “Art Walks,” a historic movie theatre, and a Saturday farmer’s market, the Downtown Mall is sure to provide something for everyone. In an age of chain stores, the Downtown Mall proudly offers a wide selection of almost entirely locally-owned shops. Stop by for a diverse and entertaining weekend pitstop or night out in Charlottesville.

Parking Garages

Water Street Parking Garage: open until Midnight Monday thru Wednesday, until 1am Thursday thru Saturday, and until 10pm on Sunday. $2 an hour.

Market Street Parking Garage: open until Midnight Monday thru Wednesday, until 1am Thursday thru Saturday, and until 10pm on Sunday. $2 an hour.

Omni Hotel: $1.50 an hour.

Parking Lots

Water Street Lot: open until Midnight Monday thru Wednesday, until 1am Thursday thru Saturday, and until 10pm on Sunday. $2.50 an hour.

Citizens Commonwealth Center: $5 for the evening.

218 West Market Street: $5 for the evening.

Charlottesville City Water Street Lot: metered parking during the day, but free at night.

FREE on-street parking for two hours.


East Water Street: 50 unrestricted spots.

300 Block of Avon Street:17 unrestricted spaces.

Levy Avenue:13 unrestricted spaces.

End of 6th Street SE:10 unrestricted spots.

6th Street SE between Monticello Avenue and Garret Street: 68 unrestricted spaces.

Garrett Street: 80 unrestricted spots scattered on both sides of the street.

Gleason Street: 17 unrestricted spots.

Monticello Avenue: 100 unrestricted parking spots.

West South Street: 6 unrestricted spots.


High Street: 37 unrestricted parking spaces scattered up and down the street.

2nd Street NW

Between McGuffey Park & McGuffey Art Center: 10 spots

West Market Street

1st Street North

Up and down Jefferson Street: 56 spots from down near McGuffey Park to Court Square, both sides of the street.

5th Street NE: 10 spots.

4th Street NE: 23 spots from Mall to High Street

3rd Street NE: 12 spots from Mall to High Street

2nd Street NE: 7 spots from Mall to High Street

8th Street NE & Jefferson Street: 20 spots

7th Street NE: 12 spots

NOTE: Monday through Friday until 6pm, there’s a 2-hour limit for many on-street parking spaces. After hours and on the weekend, these spaces are unrestricted.



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