August 2019

Any Wahoo worth his salt remembers the thrills that “Moore-to-Moore” brought to Charlottesville in a great 1989-1990 run that saw Virginia rise to the top of the college football world. Quarterback Shawn Moore was on the throwing end, and Herman Moore was on the receiving end. Nobody in the country did it better as the duo finished fourth and sixth, respectively

Sometimes, there’s too much on the schedule to make it out of town for a proper winery day, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Here’s our top 5 guide to tasting something great in town, without leaving the city limits.  Wineworks Extended by Michael Shaps This wine bar is a totally different way to experience wine. Shaps’ main Virginia

It’s early, ish, the morning swelling up from that infamous cobblestone and waking the town as it rises. Call it eight-thirty; or nine; if you’re at one of the several hotels clustered downtown between the University and the Mall, you’re within striking distance. Wash your face. Cover yourself in summer -- the strappy sundress, the linen shorts. Walking shoes. Sunglasses.