Exploring Michie Tavern

Charlottesville Guide recently took a VIP tour of Michie Tavern. Here’s what we learned:

Situated among trees and babbling brooks at the foot of Carter’s mountain, overlooking a tranquil view of the Monticello Memory Gardens, the rooftops of Belmont, and rolling peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a small portal to the 18th century called Michie’s Tavern.

Stepping into this historic landmark feels like stepping through a time machine. Throughout the grounds friendly, warm staff members in full colonial garb are ready to welcome you into the past.

History of Michie Tavern

According to executive director Greg McDonald, the tavern opened in 1784. That’s just eight years after the start of the Revolutionary War. Back then, the tavern was a spot for socializing and filling your belly. Also, if you were a weary traveler, it was a place to find comfortable lodging for the night. After painstaking relocation and restoration efforts in the 1920s, Michie Tavern became a museum and opened its doors to Virginia tourists for years to come.

The Ordinary

Everyday, The Ordinary, Michie Tavern’s cozy, buffet-style dining room, serves up hearty midday fare. You’ll enjoy a meal just like it would’ve been served back in the day. All the food- the chicken, the cornbread, and the sides- are traditional Southern recipes. Best of all, servers are ready to bring you all the seconds you like. Make sure to bring your appetite when you stop in for lunch!


1784 Pub

In the Spring of 2019, you will be able to enjoy your favorite beverage in the 1784 Pub here at Michie Tavern. We are making modifications to connect the oldest section of the Tavern to our existing dining room; renovations began January 2, 2019. Walls are being exposed that haven’t seen daylight in many years!
This expansion will not alter our normal dining operation. As our guests enjoy Virginia wine, brews or hard cider in the oldest section of Michie Tavern, a true 18th-century atmosphere will exist.  We will enhance the experience through education of not only our story but also the evolution of Virginia’s wine, beer and cider industry.

Antiques & Artifacts Shop

Clarice, the clerk at the Antiques & Artifacts Shop, shared some facts about the most unique items for sale. Everything in the shop, from the Confederate paper money, authentic Civil War uniforms, to the first-edition books, date back to the 18th or 19th century.

General Store

The General Store, built inside the Meadow Run Mill, has two levels filled to the brim with baubles, knick knacks, novelty gifts, and treats. During Tim’s visit, Jen, the self-proclaimed “wine wench” in the General Store, gave him an overview of the wine and beer tastings she hosts every weekend.

Now that you’ve seen Tim’s adventure at Michie Tavern, why not have your own? Learn more about planning your Michie Tavern outing here.