Your New Year’s Resolution (and where to accomplish it in Charlottesville)

Editor’s Note: while this Resolution Rap was written for 2020, we find that the recommendations are classic and therefore remain relevant today. Resolve. Go forth. Conquor.


There are a few tried and true resolutions that roll around every new year- which tells me that we all have a little more in common than we think. Trying to stick with one of the most popular resolutions this 2020? Here’s how to do it in Charlottesville.

Exercise more.

Exercise always feels like a good idea when you’re clinking glasses on NYE. It feels like a somewhat less good idea when you wake up on January 1- or most days, to be honest. Our advice? If you really want to exercise more, pick the exercise you’ll look forward to. Maybe you’ve got an iron will and you can hit the track and lifting floor at ACAC daily, but most of us need a little push to keep going. At ACAC, drop into the Walleyball group; try the Orange Theory at Barracks, or get into something totally new and head over to Rocky Top Climbing Gym, which will work out your body, your brain, and your social skills all at once.

Lose weight.

All the hotlists list this resolution as “lose weight,” but we’re not really about that diet culture, so let’s talk about eating well: The folks at Rebecca’s Natural Foods can hook you up with tasty, healthy foods galore. The Salad Maker downtown has filling, protein-packed salads, Citizen Bowl can help you get your whole grain on, and the Juice Laundry will give you a way to eat kale- and like it.

Learn a new skill.

Try a cooking class at the Spice Diva, a glassblowing experience at Raging Buffalo Glass, or a blacksmithing class at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing. Or, wander over to Wine Warehouse for one of their free tastings and let them teach you while you taste.

Spend less money / save more money.

Do you know how many free activities there are in this town? Try First Fridays at the Fralin Museum, an art tour replete with wine and cheese; Fridays After Five at the Sprint Pavilion during the summers; tours of the University grounds, hikes (see our hiking guide)

Spend more time with family and friends.

This is a social town; so grab your favorite people, get out, and enjoy it. Try an intimate, private meal in the Coat Room at Brasserie Saison; pick up a copy of Chickapig, Charlottesville’s own board game and a cheese board from Tilman’s for a night in (or go play at Kardinal Hall). Or, lock everyone you love up together in one of our favorite Escape Rooms.

Whatever your resolution is (or was) remember: Skipping a day doesn’t mean the whole year is ruined. The gym will empty out by April, but you can go back in June. Or September. No pressure.