Quarantine Naturally in a Different Kind of Hotel

Getaway Shenandoah fabulous view

A Great Escape from Washington D.C.

The hottest destination in local getaways is two miles outside Stanardsville. Getaway Shenandoah has been sold out all summer and remains so through October. 

A Sizzling Start-up

Part glamping, part disappearing, Getaways are campgrounds, upfitted with socially-distanced “tiny houses” 8’ wide by 20’ long where you can book a stay in the woods to get away from it all.

The concept is the brainchild of Jon Staff and Pete Davis, two buddies who met at Harvard Business School, developed the tiny-house-getaways plan, then famously flopped on Shark Tank in 2017 when they tried to sell 5% of the idea for $500K. Look who knows so much? Today there are 11 “Escape Destinations” from Charlotte to Austin. Because they’re satisfying their guests, Getaway is making impressive progress toward that $10M valuation. 

For the Washington D.C. tribe, there’s Getaway Shenandoah two hours from Georgetown, and just two miles from Stanardsville,  a charming little hamlet in Greene County 20m up the road from Charlottesville. And the DC-metropolitan region is beating down the doors to these tiny houses. At a time when area hotels are struggling, Getaway’s 38 units are into the fall all at an average of $200+ per night (lowest available rate is $169, according to Getaway). What’s the draw?

A Different Kind of Overnight near Charlottesville

How about a remote location that you book online, geo-locate online, then passcode online, before renouncing all frenetic, digital connection for the duration of your stay.  Enjoy the solitude.  Once you made your self-driven urban escape — all Getaways are within two hours of their metro areas — you arrive by GPS, pull up to your unit, enter the passcode displayed on your phone, and voila! You enter a world of Lillyputian comfort and serenity perfect for friends or lovers! The founders originally thought of their concept as one that would appeal to “stressed-out college students.”

The tiny houses are complete with kitchenette, shower, bath, and king-size bed, beneath a full-frame window with a view of nature from the front row. No TV. No chaise lounge. No room service. Close the door, place your phone in the lock box, and unwind. 

Outside, each unit has a fire pit, several Adirondack chairs, and a picnic table. Relax in nature — seriously — that’s what you came for. The time is yours.

You can bring your own food and store it in the tiny house mini-fridge. Think of it like car-camping. The units are equipped with some basics — nuts, chips, soups, soft drinks — for which you’ll be charged any consumption just like in a hotel.

Excursions from Getaway

If guests want to venture afield, Shenandoah National Park’s Swift Level is a beautiful 16-mile drive west and up. Equidistant the other way is James Madison’s Montpelier. Early Mountain Vineyard and new farmhouse brewery sensation Bald Top Brewing are even closer. It’s an excellent base to launch cycling excursions. Or fish on the nearby South River. Of course Charlottesville is just down Highway 29 in case anyone’s in the mood to transition from the tiny house to the big house.

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