What’s the Best Pizza in Charlottesville?

Best gluten free pizza crust from Dino's Pizza in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Looking for the best pizza in Charlottesville? Here’s a list of our 7 favorite neighborhoods in and around Cville to get good pie.

Count on the pizza-loving team at the Charlottesville Guide to create a list of local favorites. Like any self-respecting college town, Charlottesville’s Pizza offerings are plentiful and creative, with a plush list of artisanal, local options.

Maybe America’s original takeout food, a great pizza experience (in our opinion) depends on two qualities, in order: taste and proximity. Taste is in the mouth of the beholder, so we’ll share our favorite options and let you decide. Location is well, location. If it matters, you can pick the best combination for your dream pie experience.

1. The Corner

Mellow Mushroom is located on the first floor of the Graduate Hotel on The Corner. For almost two decades this Georgia-based consortium of Grateful Dead-inspired pie-truckers has been dishing out delicious stone-baked pizza with trippy names like Kosmic Karma and Funky Q Chicken on “mellow crust” made from “Appalachian” spring water. Salads, craft beer and trivia nights complete the allure.

If you’re up for a treasure hunt, wind your way down Elliewood Avenue for Crozet Pizza at Buddist Biker Bar, serving the same delicious pizza and salads as their Crozet counterpart (more on that next). Situated in a two-story indoor tavern, one can also opt for outdoor seating beneath luscious shade on a brick patio where music fills the air, you will find an incredible pizza experience complete with billowy crust and bubbly cheese.


Supreme Pizza from Crozet Buddhist Biker Bar in Charlottesville.
Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar on The Corner

2. 5th Street Extended

It can be argued that all Charlottesville pizza in the modern era evolved from Christian’s, when, in the mid-nineties, a non famous (and infamous) man named Christian opened on the downtown mall, barking orders, taking cash and riding herd on an army of workers behind the counter who served up fresh, quick, topping-laden slices to lines of fans pushing out the door. Like a mythical hero riding upon the shoulders of his triumphant fans, Christian has returned to open a new Christian’s Pizza on 5th Street Extended. Three cheers for Christian’s. It’s one-of-a-kind, with the freshest ingredients, the crispest crust, the flavor of legends. 

Up above 5th Street in 5th Street Station, pizza aficionados also like Extreme Pizza which serves a beefy-cheesy, quasi-deep dish pizza that scores points with all who require pizza, extremely! Fresh ingredients and hand-crafted technique from a father-son operation result in a memorable pie, and a memory of that pie, that brings you back.

3. Crozet

Another pizza with a major “Charlottesville” stamp is Crozet Pizza. Originally opened in the hamlet of Crozet in 1977, this pizza gem has received numerous citations from national reviewers — “one of the 50 best pies in the country” said Food Network Magazine. It’s old school and really terrific.

If the restaurant is busy but you need to scratch your pizza itch, head to the wrap around bar where local brews meet fresh, inventive pizza options (like the Meat Me or Feisty Italian). Not in the mood for pizza? We recommend The Union (a delicious Philly Cheesesteak). Make sure to grab a pint of Starr Hill Beer (brewery headquarters located just down the street) to wash everything down with. Keep in mind that Crozet Pizza’s hours an be slightly different than most.

If you’ve missed your Crozet Pizza window, fret not. Do as the locals do and go to Sal’s Pizza instead. Located within walking distance, albeit with plenty of parking, we highly suggest that you partake in this family-owned pizza joint that is truly beloved by its tenured regulars. With a “hole in the wall” feel, this pizza joint never disappoints. Grab a Calzone (the best!) or a Starr Hill (their signature white pizza) and make sure to also order to fried mushrooms and the breaded chicken salad.

One of the best pizza's in Charlottesville as it comes out of the oven at Sal's Pizza in Crozet.
Sal's Pizza hot out of the oven!

4. Belmont

Belmont Pizza & Pub is a true hidden gem in the heart of Belmont’s industrial area. It is a locally-owned neighborhood restaurant that treats everyone like family. The down-home, warehouse feel is complemented by fantastic recipes, all named after local Belmont landmarks. It’s a must-try, especially for pickup.

5. North Garden

Sourcing ingredients from no fewer than 14 local producers, Doctor Ho’s Humble Pie takes the cake for home-made pizza in Charlottesville. They are 100% focused on their hand-craft pizza mission, and the ambiance is full of smiles, blue jeans and trucker caps. Located 11m south of The Corner in North Garden, we highly recommend this pizza satisfaction, no matter where you live. Just don’t forget to order a side of their famous homemade ranch. You’ve never had anything like it!

Best Pizza from Dr. Ho's Humble Pie. Don't forget the house made ranch!
The Teflon Don from Dr. Ho's Humble Pie.

6. Near UVA Grounds

On the more traditional side of things, decades of Hoos have been sustained by plenty of delicious pizzeria. Near Scott Stadium at the crossroads of JPA and Alderman Road, the vibrant town-gown community of Fry’s Spring until recently wafted with the aroma of fresh pie, but no longer. In rapid succession, we lost Anna’s Pizza, then Fry’s Spring Station, two long-standing pizza destinations. Alas, this pizza-less condition won’t last long, but while it does, we encourage you to re-direct nearby to The Corner.


7. Downtown Charlottesville

For classic, select-your slice pizza we like Vita Nova on the Downtown Mall at the corner of 4th Street. Giovanni Sesito is the maestro and often you’ll find him right behind the counter, ready to slide your selection into the oven. If you smile with satisfaction as you take your first bite, he’s likely to be looking! The crust is crispy and fresh. The toppings are fresh and flavorful. Artists who stand behind their work is one of the things we look for a a good pizza immersion, and we recommend Vita Nova to deliver what you’re craving. 

Looking to go a little more gourmet? Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria is a small, upscale and “boutique” pizza maker at the edge of Belmont, focused on smaller personal pies full of fresh, local and highly-sophisticated traditional Italian combinations. Pickup is available at their IX Art Park location.

In case you’re looking for a beer & pizza & sports vibe, swing around the Mall and head to one of our favorite microbreweries, Random Row, to partake in a delicious Mosaic IPA followed (or in conjunction with) an absurdly good pizza pie from their in-house pizza joint, Billy Pie. The Neapolitan-style mushroom pizza is to.die.for.

If you happen to be with a group of pizza-haters, or at the very least a group of folks in which everyone wants something different, head to the ever-evolving food court, Dairy Market, and swing in for a slice (or whole pie) of Dino’s Pizza. Dino is a gem of a local, and you’ll likely find him working behind the counter when you place your order.


The best margherita pizza from Random Row's Billy Pie.
Billy Pie - Neapolitan Style from Random Row

8. North of Town on 29-North

Before 2010 it was all the rage to build hotels north of town, and today over 50% of Charlottesville’s hotel inventory remains above Hydraulic Road. Chances are you’re staying out there and need to know where to go to get good Za. Fortunately you’ve got options! We like Matchbox located in Stonefield Center. A small chain that specializes in Neapolitan Pizza fresh from the massive, open oven behind the counter will satisfy your craving for delicious sauce, a savory char, and fresh toppings. Duck in after a round of shopping or just before seeing a movie next door.

Further north, home-grown Popito’s has become a Charlottesville favorite. Founded by a local couple whose passion for pie is as hot as their wood-fired oven, Popito’s can often be found at area festivals and vineyards, but you can find their freshest pizza at their home base in Rio Hill Center. Across the street is another destination to consider: Vocelli’s is a true American success story that began in the 1970s when a Turkish immigrant brought his pizza skills to Virginia, and the rest is history, artisan history as they say! Today Vocelli’s has over 100 franchise stores. This one in Charlottesville is purely for takeout or delivery, and it deserves your consideration.


9. Pantops is East Charlottesville

If you’re on the east side of town, there’s only one name you need to know in pizza: Fabio’s. Located at the mouth of Free Bridge over the Rivanna River, Fabio’s is New York-style pizza made from scratch, fully delicious and ready to serve. Owned and operated by partners Sal and Mike who grew-up in the family business, Fabio’s is a full-scale pizzeria with a variety of deli sandwiches, wings and salads. Dine in or order for take-out or delivery. These guys are fast, and good.


If you can’t find a pizza experience to meet your needs from this amazing list, have no fear…our list of favorite Charlottesville burgers is here. Happy eating from all of us at the Charlottesville Guide!

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