Delicious pizza ready to eat!

What’s the Best Pizza in Charlottesville?

What’s the best pizza in Charlottesville? Like any self-respecting college town, Charlottesville’s Pizza offerings are plentiful and creative, with a plush list of artisanal, local options.

Maybe America’s original takeout food, a great pizza experience (in our opinion) depends on two qualities, in order: taste and proximity. Taste is in the mouth of the beholder, so we’ll share our favorite options and let you decide. Location is well, location. If it matters, you can pick the best combination for your dream pie experience.

It can be argued that all Charlottesville pizza in the modern era evolved from Christian’s, when, in the mid-nineties, the “pizza nazi” named Christian opened on the downtown mall, barking orders, taking cash and riding herd on an army of workers behind the counter who served up fresh, quick, topping-laden slices to lines of fans pushing out the door. We have it on good authority that the original Christian has returned to Mecca to open a 4th Christian’s Pizza on 5th Street Extended. Three cheers for Christian’s. It’s one-of-a-kind.

Mellow Mushroom is located on the first floor of the Graduate Hotel on The Corner. For almost two decades this Georgia-based consortium of Grateful Dead-inspired pie-truckers has been dishing out delicious stone-baked pizza with trippy names like Kosmic Karma and Funky Q Chicken on “mellow crust” made from “Appalachian” spring water. Salads, craft beer and trivia nights complete the allure. 

Another pizza with a major “Charlottesville” stamp is Crozet Pizza. Originally opened in the hamlet of Crozet in 1977, this pizza gem has received numerous citations from national reviewers — “one of the 50 best pies in the country” said Food Network Magazine. It’s old school and really terrific. Closer in on The Corner is their “satellite office,” Crozet Pizza at Buddist Biker Bar, serving the same delicious pizza and salads in a two-story indoor tavern or beneath luscious shade on a brick patio outdoors where music fills the air.

Sourcing ingredients from no fewer than 14 local producers, Doctor Ho’s Humble Pie takes the cake for home-made pizza in Charlottesville. They are 100% focused on their hand-craft pizza mission, and the ambiance is full of smiles, blue jeans and trucker caps. Located 11m south of The Corner in North Garden, we highly recommend this pizza satisfaction, no matter where you live.

Looking to go a little more gourmet? Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria is a small, upscale and “boutique” pizza maker at the edge of Belmont, focused on smaller personal pies full of fresh, local and highly-sophisticated traditional Italian combinations. Pickup is available. 

Belmont Pizza & Pub is a true hidden gem in the heart of Belmont’s industrial area. It is a locally-owned neighborhood restaurant that treats everyone like family. The down-home, warehouse feel is complemented by fantastic recipes, all named after local Belmont landmarks. It’s a must-try, especially for pickup. 

On the more traditional side of things, decades of Hoos have been sustained by staple Italian eatery Anna’s Pizza. Located closest to Scott Stadium in a charming pillbox on Alderman Road just up from JPA and Durty Nelly’s, this pizza experience is a convenient time-machine to throw you way back to Charlottesville old skool. 

If you can’t find a pizza experience to meet your needs from this amazing list, well, we’re not sure you really want a pizza!