Dining on the Corner

Conveniently located in walking distance to Central Grounds and many off-campus apartments, the Corner is the perfect place to dine while touring the University of Virginia. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in the middle of the day or some hearty fare for dinner, the Corner offers seven blocks of options, from small chains to local favorites and even entrepreneurial start-ups from some of U.Va.’s very own alumni! For a complete list of these mouthwatering options, visit the Charlottesville Guide Restaurants Listing. Come experience the most popular restaurants and bars in the heart of one of Charlottesville’s historic attractions. To learn more about the history and evolution of the Charlottesville Corner, click here.

Every great college town has a singular great college town coffee house. Charlottesville’s is Corner Joe, where students cram, burn and collaborate, the energy is youthfully lethargic, and, for a moment, you can recover that sense that you need to hustle so you won’t be late for class.

Several mainstays on the Corner include The Virginian, College Inn and The White Spot. As old as the hills and serving nap-inducing hang-over recipes for longer, each of these is a unique Charlottesville experience you will recount for years.

The Corner has many options for customers looking for speedy service. A new one we like is Pronto!, a new production from the folks at Public Fish & Oyster. Pronto serves us super fresh pasta entrees cheap and quick. This conveniently located restaurant is also a great option for those seeking healthy or vegan fare. 

Dining on the Corner is “go to” not only for students and their parents, but also visitors coming from the Charlottesville Hospital. Less than a ten minute walk or short bus ride from the hospital, the Corner is an opportune location for brunch, lunch, or dinner. For more information of the University of Virginia bus system map and routes, click University of Virginia Attractions page.

Additionally, numerous restaurants on the Corner provide both carryout and delivery. Bodos and  Take It Away are quality mainstays. With so many dining options just minutes away from Charlottesville’s popular attractions, you need look no further than the Corner!

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