With this summer heating up, it's only fair that we here at the Charlottesville Guide settle a hotly contested debate: who has the best ice cream in Charlottesville? We've got some suggestions for you to try so you can see for yourself! Here's our list of the creamiest, tastiest, most addictive ice cream shops in C-ville. Best Ice Cream in Charlottesville Chaps Surely

One of the best things about living in or visiting the city of Charlottesville is the sheer number of experiences you can have here that are unique and different; it's no mystery why so many people love this city. There is such richness in Charlottesville's diverse dining and shopping offerings, and when it comes to signature things to do, Charlottesville

The Atmosphere Since 1974, the Charlottesville Downtown Mall provides an historic experience within a thriving city center. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the limitless possibilities of restaurants and shops. Beneath sturdy pin oaks, live theater, music and cinema thrive on the pedestrian strip.. Because Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe once walked these eight blocks, now brick and tree-lined, the Historic Downtown Mall

With numerous options for dining on West Main, visitors can experience an array of restaurants between the Corner and the Downtown Mall. Check out the blog!


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