Wine Without The Drive: Where to Taste in Town

Sometimes, there’s too much on the schedule to make it out of town for a proper winery day, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Here’s our top 5 guide to tasting something great in town, without leaving the city limits. 


Wineworks Extended by Michael Shaps 

This wine bar is a totally different way to experience wine. Shaps’ main Virginia winery is south of town on Route 20, but their Wineworks Extended serves as a storage and labeling facility, as well as a state-of-the-art tasting room with wines on tap, by the bottle, and by the box. Shaps makes wine in Charlottesville and in Burgundy, so visitors to this spot can taste both, side by side. 

On Avon Extended behind 5th Street Station. 


Easily accessible on East Market Street, Tastings is a definite hidden gem. Offering unparalleled stock of local and imported wines in their fully integrated wine shop / restaurant / wine bar, they have wines available in bottles, glasses and flights. If you’re a frequent visitor, or simply have excellent timing, try out one of their Wine Club events (non-members welcome for small fee) 


Beer Run

We can’t send enough people to Beer Run. Their food is excellent, they have parking, they have an insane beer selection and knowledgeable, friendly bartenders, and their wine room is delightful. Drink at the bar, open a bottle from the shop for a (super reasonable) $7 corkage fee, or enjoy a tasting every Friday from 6-8. Here during the week? Weekly beer tastings are Wednesdays, 6-8. 

In Belmont 

Wine Warehouse

This shop has been around for more than 25 years, and their wine buyers have their palms on the pulse of the wine world- and the small-bites food pairing world. Tastings occur Thursdays and Fridays and most Saturdays from the afternoon to early evening, and feature wines both local and international. Whet your palate during a tasting with Gearharts chocolate, small-batch cheese, bread from Albemarle Baking Company, or any number of other recommended pairings they have available in store.

Off Hydraulic, up 29.

Foods Of All Nations

We know, we know- how good can grocery store wine be? Turns out the answer is REALLY good. Foods is one of Charlottesville’s best-kept secrets, frequented by STAB students and UVA alums alike. Head there for Turkish delight, sushi, spam, Tim-Tams, and wines from all over the world. Tastings are from 3-5 on Fridays and Saturdays, and they’re free. Plus, their wine buyer is an organic chemist, so if you don’t love the wine, blame science. 

On Ivy Road