Restaurants Near Monticello

Michie Tavern

A visit to Monticello is food for your mind! But what about food for your belly? If you’ve worked up an appetite touring Charlottesville’s most famous destination, fear not: you won’t go hungry for long. Here’s our recommendation on great restaurants nearby Thomas Jefferson’s “Little Mountain.”

Nearby and Elegant

For many, a visit to Monticello is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In keeping, consider these possibilities: 

Monticello’s own Farm Table — located in the Visitors Center, this is the most convenient restaurant option possible! Open from 10-4 daily and with locally-sourced, seasonal offerings inspired by over 200 years of history, Farm Table offers soups, salads, boards, sandwiches, baked goods and more.

Michie’s Tavern — a stone’s throw down the hill from Monticello is the fabulous Michie’s Tavern, a longtime favorite among history, and now wine, tourists. This unique experience extends an authentic 18th Century hospitality with waiters in period costume serving delicious traditional fare — ask about their famous fried chicken — in a tavern setting. Visit their new 1784 Pub and enjoy a craft beer in a throw-back atmosphere.

Tavola — 3.5 miles down the mountain and into the trendy Belmont neighborhood, find Tavola, long considered by locals to be one of Charlottesville’s finest restaurants. Their top-notch craft cocktails and ciichetti bar is often jammed and bustling, like the table seating nearby where diners enjoy a variety of northern italian dishes from linguine con vignole to melanzanie al la parmigiana. Don’t bother calling ahead. They don’t take reservations. Not to worry, Mas Tapas, The Local, and Junction are all next door.

Cheap and Easy (and Nearby)

At 4.6 miles away, Riverside Lunch is a classic Charlottesville tradition and home to the “Flat-out best burgers in town.” Established in 1935, Riverside always hops, serves up fully loaded burgers, dogs and baskets of fries, with Pepsi – yes, Charlottesville’s a Pepsi town — or cold domestic to wash it down.

Quality Pie — on the edge of Charlottesville’s Belmont neighborhood awaits one of the most unique eateries you’re likely to find. Mas-founder Chef Tomas Rahal created Quality Pie in the former building of the revered Spudnuts, is just 4.1 miles away. Upon the “unfussy” barstools, tables and countertops of a vintage American diner, delicious enjoy a BLT or or Grilled Gruyere pie and a variety of local craft beverages.

Smooth & Perfect (and Nearby)

Put your imagination to work picture yourself riding a sled down from Monticello in winter. 3.5 miles later you’ll arrive at two of Charlottesville best brew pub experiences. 

Beer Run is not only one of the top specialty beer and wine retailers in Virginia, they also serve delicious meals at their bar or on the patio. It’s a straight-shot to visit a store selling over 1,400 varieties of beer and wine or serving delectable sandwiches and sides that pair perfectly with an extensive list of libations. 

Firefly is another excellent choice for a perfect Charlottesville respite. This brew-pub offers the most relaxing setting, indoors or out, with lots of video games, ping pong and board games to entertain patrons. Their craft-beer offering is full-range, and Firefly leads Charlottesville’s foodie culture with an extensive selection of vegan and gluten-free options. The tater-tots are a must!