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Virginia hospitality meets the Charlottesville palate at the area’s hotel restaurants. Open to visitors and locals alike, these eateries give locals a staycation opportunity, and visitors the option to eat like a local, before stepping out their front doors. The Pink Grouse at the Quirk HotelThis hyperlocal restaurant is the signature of the Quirk Hotel on West Main.

UVA students have always worked hard, and by the time the winter holidays arrive, they’ve earned a break from their studies in Charlottesville. In Thomas Jefferson’s time, long before “The Night before Christmas” was a twinkle in author Clement Clarke Moore’s eye, the town would fall quiet and dark (there were no Christmas lights either).  For a moment

Some of our most cherished traditions, from Santa Claus to the Easter Bunny, arrive from hazy origins. Take eggnog, for instance. Records date the concoction back to medieval Europe, before it became popular in England as “egg flip”  or simply “nog.” By the 18th century, American colonists had developed a fondness for this strange brew of milk,

Here are 4 great Charlottesville outings highly recommended by Charlottesville guide, Rick Mangione that will encourage you to resist the numerous forces compel repose over the holiday. Take his advice to go forth and discover! Safely surging into Charlottesville’s landscape with a sense of curiosity and adventure can reward you with joy and gratitude. These sensibilities are

The Charlottesville area’s wineries are well established as some of the best on the East Coast. Visitors enjoy winding drives through crisp fall vistas to picture-perfect tasting rooms and, of course, some truly miraculous tastings. Lucky for all, those outings don’t need to end just because it’s gotten cold outside. Here are some of the best area